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Local Governance & HIV

The AMICAALL Toolkit: Local Governance and AIDS. 

UN-APP, The World Bank, UNAIDS and UNDP. December, 2007

Local Government and HIV/AIDS:
A Toolkit for Impact Assessments and Strategic Planning. AMICAALL. 2005

Introduction to HIV/AIDS Impact Assessments

Overview of the Local Governance HIV/AIDS Toolkit

Tool 1 - Tool Selection

Tool 2 - Technical Assistance Tool

Tool 3 - HIV/AIDS Impact Assessment Decision Matrix

Tool 4 - Parameters of an HIV/AIDS Impact Assessment

Tool 5 - Inception Workshop

Tool 6 - Secondary Data Collection Instrument

Tool 7 - Selecting Participatory Tools for Primary Data

Tool 8 - Impact Assessment ReportTemplate

Tool 9 - Guidelines for Report Validation and Review, Finalisation and Dissemination

Tool 10 - Checklist for Developing an LG HIV/AIDS Plan and Response

Tool 11 - Basic Steps in Planning

Tool 12 - Scoping out an LA HIV/AIDS Response

Tool 13 - Development Related HIV/AIDS Activities

Tool 14 - Setting Priorities and Targeting Activities and Services

Tool 15 - Integration of HIV/AIDS Activities into LA Services

Tool 16 - Partner and Stakeholder Analysis

Tool 17 - Costing an HIV/AIDS Plan

Tool 18 - Format for an HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan

Tool 19 - Monitoring an HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan

Local Government Responses to HIV/AIDS

A Handbook to support local government authorities in addressing HIV/AIDS at the municipal level. September, 2003


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