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  Our Background
Mulyokela Masweu

Chapter Chairperson
Country Programme Director

It is estimated that 13.5% of the adult population in Zambia, ages 15-49, are living with HIV/AIDS. Zambia is one of the most urbanized countries in sub-Saharan Africa, with approximately 35% of the population living in urban areas. Infection rates in some urban areas such as Livingstone, Ndola and the capital, Lusaka, are over 21%. Read more


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Contact Details
Mr Mulyokela Masweu
Acting Country Programme Director< br/> Lusaka City Council Civic Centre
New Wing, 4th Floor
P.O. Box 50593

Tel: (+260) 211 25 67 66
       (+260) 212 56 67 66
Fax:(+260) 211256766

[email protected]

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  Our Partners  

AMICAALL Zambia has received support for implementation of programme activities from many partners. Some highlights include:

City of Lusaka - hosting the National Coordination office for AMICAALL Zambia Programme.
Irish AID - providing funding for programme activities.
UNDP - provided funding for start-up activities.
World Bank/MAP - providing computers for production of municipal HIV directories.
LGAZ - Local Government Association of Zambia.
NAC -National AIDS Council.
CORDAID - Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid, Netherlands.
GTZ - German Technical Co-operation
SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation.
NZP + - Network of Zambian People Living With HIV/AIDS.
ZCSMBA - Zambia Chamber for Small and Medium Business Association.

  Key facts Zambia & HIV/ AIDS  
Latest statistics
Total Population: 13,881 Million
Life expectancy at birth m/f (years): 47.3
Gross national income per capita (PPP international $): 1,358.50
Number of people living with HIV: 980,000
Adults aged 15 to 49 prevalence rate: 13.5%
Adults ( 15-up) living with HIV/AIDS: 860, 000
Women (15-up) living with HIV/AIDS: 490 ,000
Children (0-14) living with HIV/AIDS: 120, 000
Estimated number of deaths due to AIDS: 45,000
Estimated number of orphans ( aged 0-17) due to AIDS: 690, 000

USAID states that “In Zambia, high prevalence rates are fueled by early initiation of sex, unprotected sex with non-regular partners, concurrent sexual partnerships, low incidence of condom use among high risk groups and individuals, sexual violence against women, and poverty that forces women and girls to sell sex for food, good grades, small gifts, or money. The most at risk individual in Zambia, however, is the seronegative partner in a discordant couple. Annually there is an 11.8% seroconversion of negative partners. It is estimated that 21% of couples are discordant in Lusaka. Other groups at comparatively high risk include highly mobile populations such as migrant workers, sex workers, long distance truck drivers, minibus drivers, refugees, prisoners, uniformed personnel (such as the military and police), and fishmongers.”





(The latest statistics are from UNAIDS, 2009)

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