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The Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders on HIV/AIDS in Africa

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AIDS in Africa: Three Scenarios to 2025
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The Alliance President
Peter Muwanga
"A decade ago, I did not see any role for a political head in the HIV/AIDS struggle. After all, AIDS is a disease or a health problem better left to the experts – trained doctors, health practitioners and social workers. What role could I see then? I believe I was not alone with such warped thinking. The best that my fellow politicians and I could do was attend funerals where we privately commented about the cause of death of the departed relative or friend as AIDS related. We could never, ever utter such thoughts in public.It was, at the time, politically incorrect to dishonor your relative or friend with public pronouncements like that. Read more".


The Alliance of Mayors Initiative for Community Action on AIDS at the Local Level


The Alliance has developed a strategy: Alliance of Mayors' Initiative for Community Action on AIDS at the Local Level (AMICAALL), reflecting the importance of locally led, multisectoral action which complements supportive national policies.The AMICAALL strategy is inclusive (involving a broad range of stakeholders); responsive (reacting to locally articulated needs and brokering dialogue among local people, municipalities, policy-makers and decision-makers); gender sensitive (responding to the different experiences of men and women in terms of vulnerability, response and impact); and dynamic(local action informs national policy which in turn supports a more enabling environment for sustained responses; strengthened management and financial systems at the local level provide the foundations for scaling up responses to the epidemic). Read more


The MISSION of AMICAALL is to develop and coordinate the political and technical capacity of local government in africa to effectively lead the multi-sectoral response to HIV/AIDS at the local level,in accordance with the principles of the Abidjan Declaration.
Our GOAL is to reduce the social and economic impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on communities in Africa
Our STRATEGY, as an African regional NGO, is to make the response to HIV/AIDS a concern and a mandate of local authorities. Indeed, we firmly believe in decentralisation, as it is at the local level that relevant, sustainable and effective results will be achieved. We promote an expanded, multi-sectoral and local response to the epidemic; and work with governments, civil society organizations, the private sector and local communities.

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